ECB (Австралия) передний силовой бампер для Фольксваген Амарок (VW Amarok)

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ECB (Австралия) передний силовой бампер для Фольксваген Амарок (VW Amarok)

Производитель: ECB Pty Ltd (East Coast Bullbars), Австралия
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29 Snook Street Clontarf, Brisbane QLD 4019
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Series (2010 on) Non Forward Parking Sensor Models
Series (2010 on) Forward Parking Sensor Models

ECB Arc™ Bar - Bumper Replacement Bullbar - With ECB bumper lights - ADR Compliant
The VW Amarok is proving itself as both a serious work ute and a fun outdoor adventurer. Prepare your vehicle for any situation by adding serious frontal protection, courtesy of the ECB Arc Bar designed specifically for the new VW Amarok. Manufactured from high tensile, structural grade alloys and featuring fully gusseted, 63mm headlight tubes the ECB Arc Bar provides superior protection for the vulnerable bumper, grille and headlights. A tapered, one-piece bumper incorporates a full-width, braced lower protection skirt providing exemplary protection for the delicate mechanics and cooling systems. The ECB Arc Bar is fitted to the Amarok by the bumper-cut technique, allowing the sturdiest and best looking fit possible. This bumper-cut technique also increases the approach angle of the vehicle, allowing superior navigation of rugged terrain, in addition, the ECB Arc Bar incorporates a full width lower protection plate to ensure optimum protection. Standard features of the ECB Arc Bar for the Amarok include full integration of front parking sensors into the bullbar, spotlight mounting provisions, an aerial tab, LED park light/indicator combinations, air directional cooling vents and ECB Driving Lights. All ECB products are ADR and air bag compliant and protected by the ECB Lifetime Warranty, for total piece of mind.

Product Features
6mm Thick Hi-Tensile Structural Grade Alloy
ADR & Air Bag Compliant
Air Directional Cooling Vents
Bumper-Cut Design
CB Aerial Bracket
ECB LED Indicator/Park Lamps ICLED102
Factory Fitted Front Parking Sensor Compatible
Lifetime Warranty

Product Specifications:
Distance added to vehicle :150 mm
Nett weight added to vehicle :30 Kg (8kg removed weight from vehicle)
Spotlight height allowance :210 mm (channel to top tube)
Spotlight width allowance :N/A
Spotlight tab distance to vehicle:400 mm (centre to centre)
Maximum Spotlight weight : N/A (mounted on channel)
Material Specifications :Centre Tube: 76mm(d) x 4.7mm(t) T6 Hi -Tensile Alloy
Shoulders: 63mm(d) x 4.2mm(t) T6 Hi -Tensile Alloy
Centre Channel: 6mm(t) Structural Alloy
Steel Mounts: 8mm Thick, plasma cut, one-piece

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